Summer draws to a close…

Hello, wizards,

It’s been what could quite reasonably be called an unreasonable amount of time since I’ve written one of these posts, although I have been doing other things, so I don’t feel too bad (also, perhaps nobody is reading… Sob, sob etc.)

I have been busy over the summer playing some great shows with The Dreadful Noise, including the main stage at Hertfordshire’s prestigious Standon Calling Festival. I have attended Standon for the last 5 years as a reveller and it was a great honour and achievement to creep the same boards as so many legends have previously.

I’m now busy writing, having slacked off all summer long. I’m hoping that it will be possible to get a new EP out in the next few months as I have some things I would dearly love to share with all of you.

For now, check out the video that my fine friend Mac did for “Tapestry” on VIDEOS page and come and see me at a show (see the LIVE DATES page).

Until next time, bubbelehs,